Christmas Lights

After viewing a video about Christmas light show on Youtube, I have decided to share a story about my Christmas decorations. It all started back when I was a child. While growing up, there were never Christmas lights placed on the house. We lived out in the country and our house was roughly a quarter of a mile from the road. One time, after I begged and begged for lights, my father finally gave in. We had a one hundred foot aerial antenna that could be seen from the local highway a few miles the way that the crows fly and that was were our first Christmas lights were hung. The bad part was that my father refused to hang them, but instead tasked me with putting them up. I had a fear of heights as a child but that day, I had no fear. I grabbed the stands of C9 lights that we had on hand, an extra long extension cord and away I climbed. Once to the top, I attached the lights and climbed back down interweaving the stands through the rungs in the antenna tower.

That was a very memorable time in my childhood and a good one at that. One of the very few that I had with my father. Although the lights looked horrible, it looked like a beautiful sight for a child who didn’t have much. That was the last time that I had Christmas lights hung outdoors as a child.

Fast forward twenty years to when my wife and I had our first house. That first Christmas in our house, I let my wife know of my first outdoor lights. That year was the first time that as an adult I put lights and decorations in the yard. I put up the standard strands of lights and relived that moment as a child. The lights still looked horrible, but to me at that moment they were the best display of lights in the world.

From that point on, no matter where I have lived or will live, there will always be some sort of lights displayed at Christmas. Whether they look horrible or not, I will put up something if only to remember that first time experience as a child with Christmas lights. My lights, my horribly hung lights that brightened a part of my life.

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